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Ngaoara was originally invited to Moree by Miyay Birray (Aboriginal youth service) and community leaders to discuss the issues of child abuse, exposure to violence and adolescent drug use in the community. This invitation came as a result of more than 10 years of partnership by Prof Brown with community around Aboriginal child and adolescent health.

TARROT has been operational in Moree since 2016, providing children and young people affected by trauma with specialist assessment and individually tailored care plans. In 2018, the program employed a Child and Family Advocate who is locally based to facilitate greater care planning with local services and ensure that children receive ongoing support to address their needs.

The TARROT Program in Moree is strongly embedded with the local community with an independent physical base in the town, and close ties with the local ACCHO (PiusX), BLC, Policy Community Youth Club (PCYC), CentaCare, Juvenile Justice and other community agencies.