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It is Ngaoara’s aspiration that all Aboriginal children know what it feels like to be to be loved unconditionally, and to feel safe, valued and connected to their culture. We aspire to the elimination of violence against all children, and to breaking the intergenerational cycles of trauma responsible for negative health impacts experienced in childhood, adolescence and into adulthood.


Ngaoara will work to help families and communities understand how to nurture the positive growth and development of our children, and to create local, national and global communities where children feel safe, valued and empowered through their culture. Through child centric, evidence based best practice in prevention and intervention, Ngaoara aims to:

  • Promote a cultural determinants and strength based approach to child and adolescent wellbeing;
  • Promote and provide cultural education initiatives that will build child and adolescent resilience;
  • Promote social norms, attitudes and practices that do not tolerate violence against children in any form;
  • Provide place based and outreach services for child safety and social and emotional wellbeing needs;
  • Support the delivery of positive parenting and relationship initiatives;
  • Build the capacities and capabilities of parents, carers, families and communities to provide safe and nurturing environments; and
  • Advocate for system and policy reforms that are consistent with the best interests of the child and facilitate whole of community responses to child safety and wellbeing.