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Australian Childhood Foundation Partnership

OurSPACE provides trauma informed therapeutic support to children in foster and kinship care, and those who care for them. It is run by the Australian Childhood Foundation and funded by the NSW Government Their Futures Matter (TFM) Initiative. It offers therapeutic intervention and support to children who are affected by trauma and their carers. It helps children stay with their carers for as long as they need to.

OurSPACE supports children and families from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island backgrounds in ways that integrate culturally strong practices with trauma healing approaches that build connection to family, country and community. OurSPACE works in partnership with Ngaoara. Ngaoara is committed to supporting Aboriginal families to come together to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable children.

OurSPACE supports children under the age of 15 years in foster care or kinship care who have experienced two changes to their living arrangements in the previous six months. Our staff with everyone involved with children including the important people in their lives such as their family, extended family and teachers.

‘Supporting children in foster care and kinship care to heal in culturally strong ways... Our little warriors today can change our world tomorrow’